The Fabricators faction is centered around the monolithic Fabricator: a giant construction system, originally designed for automating large-scale construction, demolition, and repair projects for space stations and advanced municipalities.

They’re self-contained construction crews: requiring only free access to building material and power sources, Fabricators can ‘print’ out any tools it needs using patterns downloaded from local processing centers.

In the world of S.C.R.A.P, the Fabricator is a force to be reckoned with: a mobile unit factory and weapons system. It is constrained by physical location and available Energy for construction or offense: it needs to retreat to bases to recharge its batteries and continue building units or throwing out damaging abilities.

The Fabricator is a single point of failure: it’s your primary source of production, your primary way to take new bases, and invaluable in a fight. Playing the Fabricators faction well is a matter of knowing where the Fabricator is most valuable at any given time, and ensuring it always has enough resources to do its job.

The Fabricators faction are few in number, but incredibly sturdy. Their units tend to be fairly competent at a single task, with complimentary designs that make the whole of a Fabricator fighting force more than the sum of its parts. Fabricators struggle to dominate the air in the early game, and must press hard to keep their Dendrite opponent from expanding unopposed.


Faction Basics The Dendrites are a consensus consciousness: effectively, they are a single mind distributed across the processing power of hundreds of machines. There’s no mainframe to kill, no Overmind or Queen or Fabricator driving the Dendrites. This makes them, as an organism, incredibly adaptable and difficult to kill. Every new Dendrite makes the entire consciousness that much smarter and more durable.

While they may be distributed, Dendrites have designed an architecture, a hierarchy, to make things run more smoothly. Axons serve as processing and repeating stations for the gestalt consciousness, and help to keep the organism’s thoughts in order. While the loss of an individual Axon is relatively minor, the loss of several in quick succession is sufficient to drive a Dendrite mind into disorder, and cause it to hide its various members to recoup.

In the world of S.C.R.A.P, Dendrites are more base-focused than Fabricators. Their base’s central structure, the Axon, produces Assemblers, which can turn either into structures or into batches of Dendrite units. This semi-fixed production model puts more emphasis on base locations and makes aggression slightly more difficult as Dendrites don’t have a mobile defender’s advantage like the Fabricator does. However, Dendrite units tend to be more numerous than Fabricators, and they are able to do more last-minute production.