Scrap Metal

Scrap is the primary resource in SCRAP. It is primarily harvested from ‘deposits’ on the map, similar in some respects to Mineral Deposits in StarCraft. However, there are several notable differences.

First off, Scrap is not set up in ‘base locations’ like Minerals are in StarCraft and is instead distributed around the map. Additionally, individual Scrap deposits often don’t hold much scrap at all, and are quickly exhausted. This results in the player needing to continually traverse the map to secure more Scrap to build up their forces.

Scrap is typically mined quickly, and then is spent piecemeal to create units, research new tech, or upgrade existing units while the player secures more Scrap deposits.

Scrap is able to be destroyed, and the remaining value of a scrap deposit is also the health of the deposit. For balance reasons, most units do very little damage to Scrap, with only a few units able to do full damage to any unit with “Scrap” type armor. However, any damage to a Scrap deposit reduces its value and makes it less useful to whoever ends up mining it. I hope to see scrap harassment become a viable strategy, and the defense of yet-to-be-mined Scrap fields become a priority, especially later in the game when Scrap-killer units start to become more common.

Now, ‘loose’ Scrap is only one of 3 forms Scrap deposits can take. They’re the low hanging fruit on the map, and are soon exhausted. There are 2 other sources of Scrap out there: units, and Neutral Structures.

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