Base Locations


In Remnants, Bases are pre-defined on the map in pre-existing locations. They consist of a single Generator Wreck and between 2 and 6 Power Nodes. To claim a base, the player builds a Generator on the Generator Wreck and brings the Power Nodes back online.

The Generator is a single point of failure for a base. If a Generator is destroyed, all attached structures (including Power Nodes) become neutral and unpowered, and the player loses all benefits conferred by the structures. Any player who builds a Generator on a base location gets control of all attached Power Nodes and structures. I hope this will make base harassment and competing for ownership of the map’s bases a core and interesting part of gameplay.

Power Nodes

Now, the Base is also the primary way in which units gain Energy. Each Power Node attached to an active Generator slowly builds up an Energy reserve, and will automatically share it with all units in range, as long as it has Energy to do so. Power Nodes work, conceptually, in a similar fashion to Moonwells from WarCraft 3 or Protoss Shield Batteries from StarCraft Brood War, with two notable exceptions.

First, the player is unable to build additional Power Nodes. There are only so many attached to each base. Second, they serve as the base for almost all game structures. Players build all their buildings atop Power Nodes, and once built upon, the Power Node diverts all its Energy to powering the structure on it, and it cannot provide Energy to units.

As players build structures to increase their tech options, a base becomes less capable of providing Energy to the player’s forces, forcing the player to expand to additional Base locations to keep their armies supplied with Energy. Both Bases and Energy are scarce resources, and I’m very excited to see what players do with these systems.

One final note about Bases. Currently, structures built by another faction do nothing for a player, but can be sold by some units for 100% of their build price. The sale takes 30 seconds, and of course is cancelled if the unit performing the recycle action is killed. I am hoping that like in the Command and Conquer franchise, the capture and sale of enemy structures becomes a point of contention and counter-play in SCRAP.

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