Robots Struggle to Survive in a Dying World

Take on the role of a self-replicating machine, struggling to survive. Fight for access to power, to scrap metal, to hold on to your data integrity as the local network breaks down and threatens to destroy your very mind.

After the war that ended all wars, all that’s left are their machines.

The world was abandoned with startling suddenness. It was as though the humans all vanished in an instant, leaving everything in tact behind them.

Years passed. Errors began to creep in. Things began to break down. The data-rich networks, essential for continued communication and thought, are going dark.

Some of the machines are able to fight back, to fight to keep themselves functioning. The Fabricators are self-contained construction and demolition crews designed to support mega-infrastructure. They deploy crews of smaller robots to melt down metal in order to keep themselves functional.

The Dendrites are a communal consciousness that hijacks the processing power of any machine they can bring into their collective. Dendrites don’t die until the last machine in their network is destroyed.

The fight at the end of the world is about to get really ugly.

Scavenge. Collect. Reclaim. Attack. Prevail. SCRAP, a StarCraft 2 mod, by wayward strategy.