SCRAP (Scavenge, Collect, Reclaim, Attack, Prevail) is the first game by Brandon “wayward strategist” Casteel. It is a mod, built using the StarCraft 2 Galaxy Editor. Modding tools allow for rapid prototyping of game ideas, and allow those without extensive programming experience to craft their own worlds, rules, stories, and experiences.

SCRAP is based on an idea I had in April of 2015, a real-time strategy game that turned one of the core RTS mechanics on its head. Namely, economics. In most RTS, one of the core assumptions is that each player will be striving to constantly increase a steady flow of income, while another primary goal of each player is to disrupt or curtail the flow and rate of increase of their opponents’ income.

One of the game’s main themes is resource pressure. I specifically set out to create a strategy game in which a constant flow of income is not to be expected. Resource gathering will be in fits and starts. My ideal situation is that players would locate and mine out a resource cache in short order, then move on to the next while making hard decisions on how to spend the resources they just obtained.

The game features a relatively flat tech tree, destructible resources, pre-defined base locations that players can steal from one another, mobile production facilities, and what I’m calling a ‘soft ammunition’ system. SCRAP features 2 factions at this time: the sturdy Fabricators, and the multifarious Dendrites.

Watch the Public Alpha trailer here: