Remnants Mod – Faction Lore

Wayward Strategy

As a hobbyist modder, I think it’s more than a bit presumptuous to have a “developer diary.” I’m not a developer, I’m using existing art assets and existing game systems, and simply tweaking them in the hopes of creating a game-within-a-game that has some merit as a competitive real-time strategy experience. But still, I am interested in organizing my thoughts on this process and sharing them with the few who might be interested in reading them. Also, on the off chance that any reader felt inclined to offer, constructive feedback would help me immensely on this journey. So, let’s call this a ‘modder’s diary.’ That seems more appropriate in many ways.

In this second installment of my ‘modder’s diary’ I’d like to discuss the lore behind each faction and how I’m using that to guide their overall design.

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